Strip Head 2 Toe Complete Body Cleanser

Strip Head 2 Toe Complete Body Cleanser

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1. Starting on day 1, take 2 capsules with water 2 times per day for 7 days.
2. On day 8, take Complete Cleanser with 48 oz of water.
3. On day 8, lather Hair and Follicle Cleanser on all hair on head and body. Let sit for 5 minutes, rinse completely.
4. On day 8, rinse mouth with Oral Cleanser, swish for 2 minutes, spit excess out.

 Additional Water:

Drink plenty of water. You should drink 8-10 8oz servings of water per day to keep your body hydrated.


Limit yourself to a low fat diet. Examples of low-fat foods are vegetables, chicken, fish.


Try to get at least 15-30 minutes of aerobic activity, such as walking each day.

 Avoid Polluted Environments:

Examples of polluted environments are smoking cigarettes, second hand smoke, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, or even running/jogging near a busy street.


Why choose H2T Complete Body Cleanser?

We make choices every day to keep our bodies clean and healthy but, unfortunately, we are still exposed to toxins and pollutants that are out of our control. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best and we focus on making the best quality products from natural ingredients. Total wellness is our specialty, and we strive to provide you with the supplements you need to live a clean and healthy life.

H2T Complete Body Cleanser is scientifically formulated with our proprietary 4-Phase system to be up to 5X stronger and work faster than any other cleansing system. Our combination of fast-acting liquid, long-lasting cleansing capsules, hair/follicle cleanser and mouthwash will help eliminate toxins from head-to-toe! With the new H2T Complete Body Cleansing system your body gets the full cleansing it needs, both inside and out. Make the right choice and pick H2T Complete Body Cleanser, the strongest and fastest cleanser available on the market today.